Some thoughts:

Toyzoo, as a newly established local brand, does not have many plans of business expansion. The most important purpose is to create a dream playground.  The existence of toys is not only a consumption, it is the mark of an era. It makes memory become colorful.  Toys are a kind of faith and sustenance from parents, friends, lovers. Toy is the love that can be touched. Especially for kids, childhood toys are the most important companions in life.  Believe it or not, The magical power of toys can give people the imagination to subvert reality.

For example, Elon Musk, because of the love of rocket models when we were young, let us know about the Space X rockets today.

For example, Spielberg, because of a camera given by his father, sprouted the creation of art, and became a director who is world-renowned today.

Take Kobe, for example, when he was a kid, he was accompanied by a basketball made of socks, which eventually created the legend of Mamba.

The last thing we want to say is that toys have built a beautiful world for children, while giving them happiness, and at the same time inspiring growth. They even inspired adults, reminding them of courage, curiosity and gentleness to the world in their cruel lives.

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Toyzoo is committed to finding cool, fabulous toys and gifts that can bring happiness from all over the world. We not only create a toy world for children, but also spread happiness to adults. Every package delivery is screened at different levels, which is not only a check on quality, but also a blessing to customers who choose us. Toyzoo is working hard to maximize happiness, with more brands, more products, and more exploration of the world. Welcome to the ultimate, happy junkie playground.